Welcome to Coure Comunitats en Transició

We are a not-for-profit consumer cooperative that promotes a socio-ecological transformation towards more sustainable consumption models. Our goal is to help more people and companies in Menorca to adopt solar energy efficiently and responsibly.

Why renewable energy in en Minorca

The energy model today in Menorca is based on fossil fuels. This causes high emissions of polluting gases, which contribute to climate change and harming the health of people and ecosystems.


The “Menorca 2030 Strategy” roadmap proposes that Menorcan society becomes an active agent in the energy transition, and that the local economy supports a new energy model. It is along these lines that we promote Energy Communities. This means that self-consumption of solar energy is available to people who, for financial reasons or because they lack of access to adequate roofing, can't set up their own solar panels. Coure supports energy savings, management, and reducing energy poverty for our clients. 


Energy Communities

Coure is established as a Consumer Cooperative (Cooperativa de Consumidores y Usuarios). This allows groups of people to join as members ('socios') and form their Energy Community for self-consumption of photovoltaic energy with our support.

Installing your own solar panels

We also work with people, neighbourhood communities and installers who will set up and manage their own solar panels, but require help to design the project, apply for grant support, and ensure implementation.

Advisory, research and education

We support people and companies in the analysis of their electricity bill to reduce consumption, costs and improve sustainability.

We carry out studies and training on renewable energies; and help civil society organise on environmental issues.

Frequently asked questions

Can I join an existing energy community?

To be a member of an Energy Community you have to live within 2km of the installation. We'd also have to analyze with your consumption and what capacity can be assigned to your home. After completing these steps, you would join as a member and make an investment proportional to the assigned capacity.

What are the advantages of being a Coure member?

The members of Coure are in fact co-owners of a photovoltaic installation that generates solar energy and allows you to reduce your electricity bill. The advantage of "sharing" self-consumption instead of creating your own is that the installation will not be in your house, and the management and maintenance are the responsibility of the cooperative.

Can we create our own Community?

Yeah. If a reasonable number of neighbors want to set up self-consumption, we can support you in designing the project, applying for grants, and helping execute the installation (which you would then manage yourselves). Or if you prefer, you can join our cooperative and we would be in charge of all those steps plus future management.

How much money do Coure members save?

People who join a solar energy self-consumption scheme continue to pay their electricity bills, but these are reduced by the amount self-generated. Our calculations show that savings on bills allow people to recover the money invested in 5-6 years. The exact savings depend on the current price of electricity and your consumption, but we estimate that it will be 20% to 30%. It is also crucial to note that by joining, members also generate renewable energy and participate in a more responsible and efficient model than one where each person builds their own solar panels.

“Thanks to Coure Comunitats in Transició for helping us promote our shared solar energy scheme in Sant Climent”

— Eva Cardona